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Tiger Watch Newsletter May-July 09

Tiger Watch Newsletter May - July 2009

Conservation Leadership Course 2009

With 10 years of experience in ground level conservation, anti-poaching, and rehabilitation work, we at Tiger Watch have been able to put together the knowledge that can be invaluable to those making a sincere and serious effort towards conservation.

Tiger Watch along with prominent conservation personalities conducted a Conservation leadership course from 20 – 25 May 2009. The course was intended for people who are currently involved in conservation, students, wildlife writers, or simply those interested in wildlife conservation.

The course schedule consisted of 7 lecture sessions with these prominent personalities who work at the ground level in various fields towards wildlife conservation.

About 35 individuals attended this course, coming from all parts of the country. The faculty consisted of Fateh Singh Rathore, Green Teacher Madhu Bhatnagar, Wildlife filmmaker and Journalist Jay Mazoomdaar, Community Conservationist Dr Govardhan Singh Rathore and Anti-poaching expert Dharmendra Khandal. The closing ceremony was showered with kind attendance from Tiger Watch Chairman John Singh and Secretary Ashutosh Mahadevia.

The Participants with Tiger Watch Members, Faculty and Volunteers

The Chambal Express

MogyaMotivation Ceremony (For the Mogya’s who had walked successfully on path to reform along with Tiger Watch)

Anti-poaching Operation

A Tiger Watch initiated raid in Naghor district led to confiscation of 7 illegal guns.

On the tip off from an informer, the Tiger Watch team led by Dr Dharmendra Khandal conducted a raid with Jaipur Police in the border area of Jaipur on 25th May' 09. The place was Bhaadwa Sirsi village.

The team consisted of Dharmendra Khandal, Ruchik Pande, Digvijay Sabne, Lakhan (driver)
the items confiscated were 7 Illegal Guns, A dead Barn Owl, A dead Collared Dove. The poachers involved were Nanda, Fatulal, Kisan, Galara from the Bawaria community.

Volunteer Team Ruchik, Digvijay along with the confiscated illegal guns

An Historic Arrest.. .

Ranthambhore’s first officially recorded Tiger Poacher; Gopal Mogya was Re-arrested after 17 years with tip from Tiger Watch sources by the Rajasthan’s Forest Department and Tiger Watch team.

Gopal was active in 1992 around Ranthambhore. He was arrested in 1992 by the Rajasthan Police with a tiger skin. Gopal was put on court trial for tiger skin possession, but soon was released on bail. During this time he declared himself dead.

The Lucifer emerged with a new name of Parsadi Mogya and relocated himself to Sariska Tiger Reserve, near Gola ka Bas.

He told about poaching tigers and leopards which would send chills through your spine. The way he killed a tigress which was caught in a foot trap by throwing stone from above, the way he killed leopard barely 4 months ago by hitting it with sticks to death after it was stuck in an iron leg trap.

In words of Ashutosh Mahadevia, Secretary, Tiger Watch; Gopal Mogya was a ‘Dream Poacher’ on the hit list of Tiger Watch.

1992 Fateh was the one who had got Gopal Mogya arrested and today once again after 18 years he was re-arrested by the Tiger Watch team, this shows how synchronous Fateh Singh Rathore is and will be...

Gopal Mogya being arrested and taken also seen is the Tiger Watch Volunteer Lokesh

Hero of Ranthambhore Awards

This award is committed to encourage people working on the ground-level in the field of wildlife conservation in and around Ranthambhore.

It is important that people working in conservation are motivated to get a long-term commitment towards wildlife protection.

It is very difficult to work on the field conditions and despite all odds the staff and many individuals around the forest fight for the tiger’s survival. It is in due acknowledgement of their efforts that this award was initiated – To honor these true heroes of Ranthambhore.

Mr Jagdish Singh

Green Teacher Madhu Bhatnagar presenting award to Jagdish Singh

Jagdish Singh – Ex-army personnel, posted at Khandar range. Last year 36 bull carts filled with forest wood were caught by Jagdish, the area you can imagine how difficult to work in. He has played an important role in stopping villagers from wood cutting and grazing in that area. Villagers attacked him – broke his hands and head, even after 36 hours he was hospitalized in a very bad condition. Tiger Watch and Prakritik Society facilitated his free treatment. He went back and resumed his duty in the same range.

Mr. Rajveer Singh

Ashutosh Mahadevia honoring Forest Guard Rajveer Singh

Rajveer Singh – Forest guard and an expert in animal rescue and rehabilitation. He is the first to reach the spot whether it is a tranquilized tiger or rattle. Member of the anti-poaching squad, he is the first one to be called for due to his efficiency and sharpness.

Mr. Jaagan Singh Choudhary

Journalist and Wildlife filmmaker Jay Mazoomdaar Awarding Jaagan Singh Choudhary

Mr. Jaagan Singh is a police constable, a sportsman, and wrestler – A fit and strong man. Jaagan has been involved with Tiger Watch in the arrest of difficult poachers like Kesra Mogya, Parthya, Neniya Mogya, trader Babloo and in the capture the most important poacher Devisingh Mogya. He keeps a vigil on any poaching activities in the area. He is a brave and fireless Police constable of the department.

Animal of the month – Caracal

Seeing a caracal is a reverie for researchers, dream of wildlifers and an ultimate fantasy of photographers. Many species like the Snow Leopards or Red Panda are equally hard to see. To see a Snow Leopard one has to climb the tall Himalayan Mountains in freezing temperatures, while to see a Red Panda one has to overcome the nasty rains and various hurdles associated with a rain forest.

Geographically, the areas inhabited by the Caracal are easily approachable, and are a part of the main tourism hubs of India such as Ranthambhore and Sariska. Thousands of tourists, hundreds of vehicles go in these areas every day, yet the caracal remains ever elusive.

A recent sighting reported by Dharmendra Khandal, bought new light to the elusive species of Ranthambhore. In his 6 years of stay in Ranthambhore he sighted the caracal for the first time. His article on The Caracal – A cat that stole the show – featured in the Hornbill journal of BNHS in august edition.

The April- June edition of Hornbill

Some interesting information on the caracal: ..

The word Caracal is derived from the Turkish word karakulak, which means “black ear”. Caracals are known and called by many names; known as ‘Siyeh gush’ in Persian, and as ‘Mor mar Bhageri’ in Rajasthani. Kutchi, a dialect of Gujarat, has a name for it,

‘Harnotro’ meaning haran (Chinkara) like colour. The scientific name of Caracal is Caracal caracal.

Caracal is a medium sized cat. It is generally dark red, grey, or golden sand in colour, and as the name suggests, the Caracal possesses a very unique distinguishing physical feature; its ears are long, narrow and tipped with long tufts of black hair on top of each ear.

Caracals are native to Africa, Asia, and even certain areas of the Middle East. In India, it is reported in Ranthambhore (Rajasthan), Sariska (Rajasthan), Kutch (Gujarat) and Chambal (Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh). Late Dr. Ishwar Prakash, Director, ZSI, reported a caracal from Bikaner district.

Other than the Cheetah the caracals were the only other feline which were used by the Moghul’s for hunting. Interestingly, the Caracal couldn’t influence art and culture like tigers and lions, because of its elusiveness.

The most important factor leading to the endangerment of the Caracal is the human impact on the habitat of the species. As human-use of resources and space has amplified over years the habitat of the Caracal has shrunk considerably. We have to act rapidly to save this secretive and enchanting cat species.

Tiger of the month...

T23 lived in Lahpur, now resident of Gudha – Jhumroo Tigers son.


  1. Tiger watch is a grt initiative aimed towards conservation of threatened wild animals. The success has been remarkable but people hardly seem to know about such initiatives in and around the country. Do u knw any such initiative in work in West bengal??I myself is eager to work r volunteer..