Monday, May 31, 2010

Hero of Ranthambore award – 2010

In order to honour the hero’s of Ranthambhore – Tiger Watch awards for the year 2010 went to four such committed individuals from diverse fields who have worked steadily for the tigers and conservation of Ranthambhore.

The recipients of this award were Shri Ramnaresh Gujjar and Shri Kedar Jat who are forest guards of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve the other two individuals were Shri Ramphool Mali and Shri Devilal Gujjar.

Each individual was awarded with a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each.

This award distribution ceremony was held during the Tiger Watch annual Conservation Leadership course, which had 25 individuals from all across the country.

(L to R) Shri Ramphool Mali, Shri Ramnesh Gujjar, Tiger Watch Vice Chairman Shri Fateh Singh Rathore, Shri Kedar Jat and Shri Devilal Gujjar

About the participants:

Shri Ramnaresh Gujjar and Shri Jat have been actively curbing the illegal grazing, illegal wood cutting, acting against mining activities, filing cases against poachers and following them too.

Shri Ramphool Mali has been the sole man responsible for planting and managing the 600 odd biogas plants put by the Prakritik Society (Tiger Watch’s Sister NGO).

Shri Devilal Gujjar has been a resident of Kalakhora, Khandar area has been the only individual who along with his family - in spite of opposition from his fellow villagers protected a patch of forest near his village from illegal grazers and woodcutters for many years – he has been an ideal village man in front of the society.

Mumbai based tour operators Jungle lore gifted the awardees with camping bag.

This year’s cash prize was sponsored by Mr. Vikram Vohra who is the executive board member of Prakritik society and Mr Rupesh Kumar who is a wildlife enthusiast and has been active supporters of Tiger Watch.


  1. This is a great gesture. These are the unsung heroes of our forests..

    Congratulations to all TW members and their untiring efforts to keep Ranthambhore one of the most sought after location for tigers..

  2. Fantastic.... If this sort of a motivation and drive spilt onto all the areas of wildlife conservation, the jungles would be a lot more protected than it is today!!
    Great job!!

  3. Great Job :-) Thanks for making a difference